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Professional Freelance Makeup Artist | Michelle D Artistry | Los Angeles

Michelle Silva began her career as a beauty professional 10 years ago in Northern New Jersey. Working as a freelance makeup artist, Silva has been able to work on countless of projects gaining experience and allowing her to expand to the Tristate area. Freelancing in NYC there was no choice but to always be on the go, this helped shape the artist Michelle is today, learning to work quicker, and as efficient as possible. While having years of experience, she is continuously working to perfect her craft by staying up to date with new techniques and trends as well as advancing her knowledge and education by consistently attending classes, workshops and seminars. Soon after Michelle began teaching makeup through out NJ and NYC before deciding to relocate across the US. Motivated to take her career to the next level Michelle moved to Los Angeles, California where she specializes in all medias of makeup. From avant grade beauty to gore special effects and even character creations, ask and she will deliver.

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