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SMALT (Substitution Mutation-Aided Lineage-Tracing) is a cutting-edge lineage tracing method, utilizing the base editor of engineered AID (activation-induced cytidine deaminase) to induce targeted mutagenesis. This process generates C/G to T/A mutations in a DNA barcode at high efficacy, facilitating the reconstruction of large phylogenetic trees at the single-cell level. We have developed a mouse model integrated with the SMALT system, allowing for the controlled activation or deactivation of the lineage tracer with doxycycline. Using the SMALT mouse model, we investigated intestinal tumorigenesis by employing the AOM/DSS model (inflammation-driven colon cancer) or crossing with the ApcMin/+ mouse. On this platform, you can explore the SMALT-based cell phylogenetic trees generated from mouse polyps and colon tumors. You can also export the phylogenetic tree file for reanalysis. This interactive visualizations platform is built upon phylotree.js.

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